A Star Wars reboot that would totally disturb the Force into a giant Black Hole of Ultimate Sadness? Star Wars Episode VII: Young Indiana Jones and the First Class… Indiana Jones as the first Jedi. Ew. Ick.

More seriously, what I would like to see is the true story of Yoda. This could mark the return of M. Night Shyamalan with the wickedest plot twist in the history of cinema. In nine centuries Yoda infiltrated the Jedis, modified their training to turn them from a mind-controlling police force into a religion that truly makes them weak. At their weakest, he organizes the Great Jedi Purge, handing the Stormtroopers the location of every single group of Jedis so they are exterminated overnight (showing a few of his Sith allies who is the boss along the way). How can the top target of the Purge survive without a scratch? Isn’t it odd that we almost never see Yoda use mind tricks? He is – he’s just so good nobody notices.

Is Yoda evil, the greatest Sith that ever lived, or does he only want to take away the Thought Police from Imperial power? Episode VII: Rise of the Whills would totally rock. Heck, it could even be filmed as found footage from Yoda’s point of view. 😉
(Or Ep VII: Your childhood, break I. Although that title also applies to the episodes I-III :()

(assuming only the MOVIES as canon. And mind tricks can bend anything else into shape. Please go and re-watch the movies with evil Yoda in mind 🙂