Cooldisplay for CoolerMaster CoolDrive 6

CoolDisplay 6 What is CoolDisplay?

  • Lets you enter a message to display on the LCD when in idle mode
  • Automatically sets the fan speeds to reach maximum target temperatures on the probes
  • Displays the temperatures and fan speeds in a small window.

Installation Create a folder and put the CoolDisplay.exe and cd6.xml files into it. Copy the CommBase.DLL and vbUserSettings.DLL files from the original CoolDrive6 folders into it. You could also simply copy CoolDisplay.exe and cd6.xml into the CoolDrive6 folders. Edit the values in the cd6.xml files. The file included is from my own machine. Here is a definition for each tag: The com/usb port on which your CD6 is installed. The message to display when idle. The range of temperatures around the target which won’t make a fan react. Wether to display in Celsius or Farenheit – currently does nothing. The temperature target to reach for probe X. The fans that have an effect on targetX. The list of fans is marked using F1 to F4 tags. In the sample cd6.xml file, Fans 1, 2 and 4 have an effect on the temperature of probe 3. Probe 3 is on my GPU, fan 1 is a front case fan and fan 2 & 4 are rear case fans, so when the GPU starts heating up from a game, all 3 case fans speed up automatically to increase the air flow. You can start the program when you boot the system by putting it in a batch file, otherwise just double-click on its icon to start it. Display: The program updates the current temperature and fan power every 5 seconds in this format: Each column represents a Temperature/Fan value. The first row is the current temperature (in Centigrades). The second row is the current fan speed. Known Issues:

  • The format of the XML file is ugly, but I did this quick, and it works. 🙂
  • It doesn’t run as a service.
  • You can’t change the message displayed dynamically.

If you have problems or want to discuss the program, please post on my forums. There are no warranties or responsibilities implied with this program. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. You might damage your hardware or render your computer unstable by using it. Written by Enigmachine Games & Software, 2006-05-02


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