Spectral Eclipse book 3: Luminous Nightmares

Overview of book 3: Luminous Nightmares

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Angelfishes on the prowl

Thirty-five completely original, illustrated creatures from the Fey Frontier! From the orbital station-eating Angelfishes to the identity-twisting malice of Pithgyps, each of these perversions of deep spaces will provide many plots and adventures for all types of Shapers.

Each creature data sheet is illustrated and includes complete Shaper, Space, Ego and Holding level stats. Interesting details of culture, anatomy and physiology are included, as well as plot hooks and ideas on how to properly introduce the monsters into a campaign or adventure.

Coming soon? 96 pages, close to forty illustrations, landscape format, color cover.

Spectral Eclipse Book 2: Ego Trip

Ego Trip cover

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The Alliance sleeps. The space lanes are tranquil, the Nets quiet. Everyone believes the Universe is resting peacefully. But you aren’t.

You want to ply the space lanes for goods, trade with foreign alliances, be a buccaneer, fight space battles against gigantic cruisers or myriads of warp fighters.

Or you want to explore the nets for scuttlebut and illegal data warehourse, trade information to the highest bidder or steal memories from a war veteran.

Strategos, Tiger People and Technikos Shapers will find joy is a warm cyberjack in Ego Trip, the second book of the Spectral Eclipse Ectoverse.

This 160-pages rulebook contains:

  • Rules for the Ego level, including complete rules for cybernetting and mental intrusions and how to translater the Shaper’s abilities to the Ego level.
  • Rules for synesthesia and Abe mental diseases.
  • There is also a great deal of equipment in here, including Ego gear, starships and varied gear for the Machitis, Magos or Tolmiros!
  • The Spave Level, including tactical ship combat rules, rules for travel sickness, data for the Mylos subsector and Maps of the Fey Frontier.
  • A free 3DSMax model of the Mote starship.
  • Rules to create non-human shapers: Oaso, Kru-Gall-Krics, Octomans, Inumanos, Human variants and Abes and Robotic shapers.
  • Intrusion software, cybergear, more weapons.
  • Full Holding data on the important Holdings of the Frontier, including the maximum limits of their attributes.
  • More background data: Slavery, the genetic hierarchy, the Wardens, the Laws and Charter of the Alliance, and a radical group of net-assassins.
  • Rules for the effects of the Beautiful Dreamers on the campain in the 3300 Epoch, and well as an introduction to the many monsters of Fey space!

And of course, more on the Beautiful Dreamers…

But shh! Be quiet! The Alliance still sleeps and dreams… for now.

Like all Enigmachine roleplaying products, you will receive free updates to this edition of Book 2 when purchased through RPGNow.

Spectral Eclipse Book 1: Shapers and Holdings


Spectral Eclipse : Broken Dreams in a Shiny Future

You are a shaper.

A shaper of Empires, a shaper of Armies

Spectral Eclipse cover

A shaper of Fortunes, or Minds

A Maker of Objects and devices, or maybe you Shaped your own body to perfection.

A shaper of destiny?

But who shaped your soul?

The galaxy is a bright, wondrous place, but your dream world is on the verge of the abyss. Every story, every dream has two sides.

And now the darker side wants a piece of the pie. The Singing Star has foretold of their coming; They, the Dreamers. They, the Forgotten. The Dead Memes. All the parts of human soul and alien emotions that have been shredded apart and thrown away, hidden behind the veils of Death. Behind the black holes and the Dark Matter.

But they are coming back. As dreams. Nightmares. And someone is helping them. Someone is shining the beacon. Someone is making horrible melds of psychic remnants and battle armour. Someone is killing your dreams.

Why? What can the undead dream of?

You are a Shaper: An Emperor, General, Tekmage, Soul Fixer or DNA thief. You had a destiny. You remember that much.

But who stole your dreams?

A 182 pages Illustrated rulebook for the Spectral Eclipse ectoverse

Spectral Eclipse is a science-fiction role-playing game set a thousand years in the future. Humans have explored far and wide, settled planets, conquered alien races. Today this uneasy alliance of species is living in relative peace; genetic engineering and cloning have made life a trivial matter. But lately, something odd has been going on. The people are uneasy. A few clones have gone berserk. The Tiger People, gifted psionicists, have gone into hiding. Even shadows seem to move on their own.

In Spectral Eclipse, players take on the role of citizens of the far future; humans, androids, genetically modified beings, near-immortal clones, artificial intelligences or aliens of many kind. They may begin play as unimportant, desperate adventurers, but can grow to become rulers of entire planets, invincible super-human warriors, or ageless owners of corporations spanning lightyears.

Book 1 of Spectral Eclipse contains all the information necessary to begin a Spectral Eclipse campaign, where the player’s Shapers stake a claim on the Universe, and fight back at the oddities gnawing at its edge. It includes:

  • An introduction to the Spectral Eclipse universe and some of its inhabitants, and stats for the Mylos system, the center of the Fey Frontier
  • Timeline to the Eclipse
  • Technology, weapons, equipment, and starter nanotech tricks
  • The Universal Laws for clones and Artificial Beings
  • A rules-light system for task resolution and a very flexible experience & reward system
  • Very fast and lethal combat rules – that can be customized for every character!
  • Rules & cardset for the Holding game, a “pocket empire” game-in-a-game that is fully integrated with the character level of role-playing!
  • An original and in-depth point-based character creation system – lets you generate everything about a character; origin, destiny, Holding all the way to dreams
    and personality! It’s impossible to generate a bland, generic space marine or
    diplomat with these rules.
  • Rules for Bright and Dark Fates – events that let the player make his character live up
    to its archetype! Fates let the player decide what happens at dramatic moments;
    It’s like deus ex machina, without cheating!
  • Description of skills, mental and physical diseases, genetic and technological character improvements, experience (benefit) rules and more
  • Black & white illustrations, 3D art and stories
  • An introduction to the darker side including a primer on the
    Beautiful Dreamers, creatures that are corrupting the soul of the Frontier.This download includes a free 3DSMax model of the Schizm Interceptor starship.

    Here is what five imaginary friends have said about Spectral Eclipse:

    “It’s like Star Wars meets the Lathe of Heaven!”

    “It’s like Captain Kirk against Freddy Kruger!”

    “Is this like Monopoly? I want to be the top hat!”

    “How dare you call me a dead Meme? The wedding’s off, buster!”

    “Sometimes, a light saber is just a light saber, Anna!” – Sigmoïd Freund

    Can five made up friends be wrong?

    To ensure you get your money’s worth, Enigmachine provides free monthly updates to all who purchased this product through RPGNow’s Revision System.
    If you have a tweak, an errata or designs you would like to share, please let us know!

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Cooldisplay for CoolerMaster CoolDrive 6

CoolDisplay 6 What is CoolDisplay?

  • Lets you enter a message to display on the LCD when in idle mode
  • Automatically sets the fan speeds to reach maximum target temperatures on the probes
  • Displays the temperatures and fan speeds in a small window.

Installation Create a folder and put the CoolDisplay.exe and cd6.xml files into it. Copy the CommBase.DLL and vbUserSettings.DLL files from the original CoolDrive6 folders into it. You could also simply copy CoolDisplay.exe and cd6.xml into the CoolDrive6 folders. Edit the values in the cd6.xml files. The file included is from my own machine. Here is a definition for each tag: The com/usb port on which your CD6 is installed. The message to display when idle. The range of temperatures around the target which won’t make a fan react. Wether to display in Celsius or Farenheit – currently does nothing. The temperature target to reach for probe X. The fans that have an effect on targetX. The list of fans is marked using F1 to F4 tags. In the sample cd6.xml file, Fans 1, 2 and 4 have an effect on the temperature of probe 3. Probe 3 is on my GPU, fan 1 is a front case fan and fan 2 & 4 are rear case fans, so when the GPU starts heating up from a game, all 3 case fans speed up automatically to increase the air flow. You can start the program when you boot the system by putting it in a batch file, otherwise just double-click on its icon to start it. Display: The program updates the current temperature and fan power every 5 seconds in this format: Each column represents a Temperature/Fan value. The first row is the current temperature (in Centigrades). The second row is the current fan speed. Known Issues:

  • The format of the XML file is ugly, but I did this quick, and it works. 🙂
  • It doesn’t run as a service.
  • You can’t change the message displayed dynamically.

If you have problems or want to discuss the program, please post on my forums. There are no warranties or responsibilities implied with this program. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. You might damage your hardware or render your computer unstable by using it. Written by Enigmachine Games & Software, 2006-05-02


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