Heaven and Hell share a subnet

I’m a computer nerd.  I’ve known since 1976 when then-six-year-old me played on a 110 baud printer terminal running on MUSIC/SP.

Some nerds of the time went on to greatness.  I went on to helping write great software for people who did not know how to sell it. When someone throws out projects you’ve spent years building, there’s a small number of things left to do: have a burnout, feel like a failure, and play WoW stuffing down chips all day.

I don’t want that to happen to me, or anyone. So here I am, writing this blog, setting goals, sharing ideas.  The Universe of data and computation is complex and unlimited. There’s still great software to write, new ideas to try out.  Can I still be relevant?

This is a faily self-centered blog, so it’s no surprise that I will cover a lot of random stuff. Let me just throw out some keywords in any case: hacking, software engineering, software development, team management, development processes, role-playing games, tipping your postman, smart use of resources and whatever else strikes my fancy.

Now that the introduction is over, let’s see if I can come up with at least one original idea in this blog…  My first goal: to get two comments!