Spectral Eclipse Book 2: Ego Trip

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The Alliance sleeps. The space lanes are tranquil, the Nets quiet. Everyone believes the Universe is resting peacefully. But you aren’t.

You want to ply the space lanes for goods, trade with foreign alliances, be a buccaneer, fight space battles against gigantic cruisers or myriads of warp fighters.

Or you want to explore the nets for scuttlebut and illegal data warehourse, trade information to the highest bidder or steal memories from a war veteran.

Strategos, Tiger People and Technikos Shapers will find joy is a warm cyberjack in Ego Trip, the second book of the Spectral Eclipse Ectoverse.

This 160-pages rulebook contains:

  • Rules for the Ego level, including complete rules for cybernetting and mental intrusions and how to translater the Shaper’s abilities to the Ego level.
  • Rules for synesthesia and Abe mental diseases.
  • There is also a great deal of equipment in here, including Ego gear, starships and varied gear for the Machitis, Magos or Tolmiros!
  • The Spave Level, including tactical ship combat rules, rules for travel sickness, data for the Mylos subsector and Maps of the Fey Frontier.
  • A free 3DSMax model of the Mote starship.
  • Rules to create non-human shapers: Oaso, Kru-Gall-Krics, Octomans, Inumanos, Human variants and Abes and Robotic shapers.
  • Intrusion software, cybergear, more weapons.
  • Full Holding data on the important Holdings of the Frontier, including the maximum limits of their attributes.
  • More background data: Slavery, the genetic hierarchy, the Wardens, the Laws and Charter of the Alliance, and a radical group of net-assassins.
  • Rules for the effects of the Beautiful Dreamers on the campain in the 3300 Epoch, and well as an introduction to the many monsters of Fey space!

And of course, more on the Beautiful Dreamers…

But shh! Be quiet! The Alliance still sleeps and dreams… for now.

Like all Enigmachine roleplaying products, you will receive free updates to this edition of Book 2 when purchased through RPGNow.

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