Looking for a custom Cryptocoin solution?

Do you want to create your own alt coin but don’t have time to learn C++, Python or Android programming?  Are you looking for more than a coingen-pump-and-dump coin?  Or do you have an existing coin that’s in trouble, or the dev. team walked off?

I can create an altcoin for you, from QT core full node to block explorers and android wallets!  Unlike a coin generator, I’ll help you choose and design the best characteristics so your creation can become an investment, not a pump-and-dump clone. From a starter launch to developing a new consensus algorithm, I’ll do our best to point out the pros, cons and pitfalls.  I can also update & upgrade wallets & protocols to more modern, more secure versions.

Wallet services:

  • Core QT wallets for Windows/Linux with the mining algorithm you want; PoW, PoS & Hybrid.  We can also start from specific altcoin wallets if you have preferences, including Bitcoin 0.10.2.
  • SPV Wallet for Android, Multibit for Mac
  • Seednodes
  • Block explorer
  • Checkpoint server

Other services & extras:

  • Graphics & logos


The BANX Proof of Stake wallet



Our current rate for a suite of standard SHA256 or Scrypt PoW wallets is between 10 and 20 BTC (or other) depending on the actual work to be done.


Please contact us here or Magot on Freenet IRC or the Cryptocommunity Slack to discuss your projects!



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