About Enigmachine Games & Software

Who are we?

Enigmachine was founded in january 2003 with the goal of creating novel software and games, while making sure that everything we create is reusable at every step of the way.

The company has already published two game books and is working tirelessly towards the publication of more software and quality books.

Our games:
We have until now only published a single game universe. It is a role-playing game in PDF format. We will soon announce the creation of a new series of books. The Spectral Eclipse series will keep growing; our final goal is to make a series of video games and licensing deals so that every new aspect is complimentary.

Every edition of an Enigmachine product comes with guaranteed free updates. And these aren’t only bug fixes! In the past, all updates have included pages and pages of new material – completely free!

Where can I find Enigmachine products?
Currently you can only find Enigmachine products through the World Wide Web. You can purchase our game books (in PDF format) on the RPGNow! web site.

How to contact us?
For any questions of comments about this web site, send email to webmaster @ enigmachine com
If it’s a question or a submission for our games, email rpg @ enigmachine com
For any other question, about our software or any other services, write to us at info @ enigmachine com.

How to submit material?
Enigmachine is constantly looking for talented artists and writers. Unfortunately, we cannot offer money matching the current market value, but we hope this will change as the company progresses. In the meantime, we are open to any proposal or reasonable trade.

All submissions should include a sample of your work; if this is rpg-related, we are currently mostly interested in science-fiction, therefore a sample related to this category is preferable.

Please send your pictures, textes of service offers (page layout, editing) at rpg @ enigmachine com concerning games, or info @ enigmachine com for any other proposal.

Who owns the content of the forums?
The contents of the Enigmachine.com forums is in the public domain. You remain the owner of your message, however if you do post something, whoever can read it has tghe right to use the content as he wills. If this does not suit you, please do not post content you don’t want others to use freely, or send only private messages.

We chose to do this to avoid any confusion, quarrel or lawsuits concerning the ownership and copyright of materials in the forums. This concerns the forums only! Everything else on this site is copyrighted by Enigmachine

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